Sponsorships refer to organizations and businesses, both local and national, seeking charitable fund raising and/or to advertize their services and products in conjunction with the event. Nonprofits can sponsor the event in return for a portion of receipts to finance their charitable work. There are several levels of sponsorship participation that reflect the amount of name and product exposure the sponsor receives. Costs vary according to the price of entertainment or setting. At the lowest level of participation sponsors can have their product logos and names displayed on event promotional materials. At intermediate levels, sponsors will have their product logo and name advertized as one of the presenters of the event. At the highest levels the sponsor is advertized as the sole presenter of the event.

Benifits of Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is a powerful way to bring your organization or businesses message and purpose into public awareness. For businesses, sponsorship is a most effective means to reinforce your brand image, allowing you to promote your company’s name, products and services to a wider, more targeted audience.

  • Highly visible and cost-effective sponsorship offers a platform for nonprofits and service organizations to stage pubic fundraising events that focus on your mission and programs.
  • Sponsorship provides businesses an excellent marketing and public relations opportunity to promote your brand while strengthening your involvement with the cultural life of the community.
  • When you become a sponsor you are investing advertising dollars from your advertising budget back into the local economy through production, planning and management services that FunktionFamily provides.
  • Your sponsorship provides and compelling means to strengthen the community and regional economy and create a common feeling of community among various segments of the community.

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