Funktion Family is dedicated to helping provide every child with an opportunity to learn and grow in the sport of skateboarding. This 2018 we intend to give-a-way an estimated 75 skateboard decks at several separate “pop up” events held at skate parks throughout the bay area with the help of  your donation. These “pop up” events are as spontaneous as our youth and can help strengthen our community by providing a safe environment, affordable equipment and strong leadership for many in need. The estimated cost of this series of events would come in at an extremely low $6,500 for several events held year round and your donation is tax deductable through our nonprofit organization.


Eat Right in Skateboarding is an event designed to promote and inspire healthy eating within the sport of skateboarding for our Bay Area youth. Funktion Family will raise money to provide a FREE and healthy meal to as many of our skateboarding community youth as possible at an organized event this July 2nd 2017.Your donation will help to bring our community together at the new Montclair Mini Skateboard Ramp to enjoy the sport of skateboarding and promote healthy eating within.