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Eat Right in Skateboarding Sunday July 2nd

Eat Right in Skateboarding is an event designed to promote and inspire healthy eating within the sport of skateboarding for our Bay Area youth. Funktion Family will raise money to provide a FREE and healthy meal to as many of our skateboarding community youth as possible at an organized event this July 2nd 2017.Your donation will help to bring our community together at the new Montclair Mini Skateboard Ramp to enjoy the sport of skateboarding and promote healthy eating within.

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The Blend Skateboarding Film by Funktion Family featuring Matt Mercer, Marlon Ingram, Terrell Newell, Anthony Guzman, Joe Wright and friends. All music provide by Kool Kyle at Baylando Records. This is my first skateboarding film, as a matter of fact, this is the first edit / film project ive ever done, ever. Hope you all enjoy this collaboration with Baylando Records to bring you my first skateboarding film.